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Notes From Rabbit Ears Fans:

  "We love Rabbit Ears audiobooks. The minute we hit the car one of my children is asking for a special story. My son, who is four, is very verbal and imaginative. I am convinced that it is in part to listening to the CDs. We don't own a TV so the stories have allowed him to focus on the language. I know it has increased his fluency. I have to smile when I overhear my son and his two-year-old sister reciting various lines from recent stories. It is a perfect activity for quiet time or a car ride"
  - L.E., Washington, DC

   "Our favorites (audios) are The Fool and the Flying Ship, The Firebird, Finn McCoul, and The Tailor of Gloucester.  Please hurry (and make them available on CD)!  The old cassettes are wearing out!"
  - E.L., Keene, NH

  "My children (son, 19, a freshman at the University of Chicago) and daughter (17 and a senior in high school) said that they learned things from Rabbit Ears that came in handy on their college SAT and ACT tests!  You never know what will "stick" with kids, but these stories did. The writing styles also were helpful. As you can tell, we're fans. We have most all of the Rabbit Ears (titles) on either VHS or cassette---now "old" media-- that we purchased when our children were young.

  I'm waiting for them to be re-released in DVD, so I can have them forever. Our children grew up with them.  We'll want to share them all with future grandchildren."
  - J.S., Boise, ID

  "Back in the early '90s we came across the Rabbit Ears stories on PRI and would listen to them with our children (when they were young).
  Until today(1/09/07) we always wondered, "What ever happened to Rabbit Ears Radio?" Now we know why they disappeared. We're looking forward to gathering a collection of the stories on CD!  I believe that even though our kids are older now, high school and college age, they will still enjoy listening to the old stories."
  - R.P., Wheaton, IL

  "I first bought the Velveteen Rabbit at Starbucks in the Las Vegas airport. I came home that night and sat with my three children, ages 4-9, all around me on the bed and put in the CD. I have read a lot of books and worked with a lot of educational products and I was so impressed with yours that I am on line ordering it tonight, tired and all. Laying with my children listening to Meryl's voice and all the beautiful music I was WOWED. I love this product; it rocks. I represent the typical soccer mom of three and I really love it."

  "We heard four stories in the car today.  The kids kept saying, “Play the next one, Mom.” The cool thing is the kids’ages range all the way from 10 to 4.  Well not to mention this big kid, me (35).  I am so excited to see what happens (with Rabbit Ears) in the future."
  - R.W., La Verne, CA




Exciting Children’s Stories From Around the World

Award-winning Rabbit Ears videos, books, and audio CD's bring famous artists into your classroom to enhance and focus your students’ learning.

Engage students – encourage active participation in multi-sensory learning – enrich the classroom experience with connections across cultures and across the curriculum!

If you're a teacher looking for innovative cross-curricular lesson plans and creative activities for your children, Rabbit Ears stories offer classic literature at its best and endless opportunities for discovery.

If you are an  Educator or  Librarian  ....

To purchase one of our audiobook compiliations, please visit Random House’s www.booksontape.com. Once on the site, select “Library” or “School”. A new page will be displayed. From there please type “Rabbit Ears” in the search engine. A list of available titles will be displayed.  Click on the titles you wish to purchase and type the number of copies you wish to purchase in the “Quantity” box and press “Enter”. You will need to register with Books on Tape to complete this process.

To purchase DVDs or VHS for school/library use, go to www.clearvue.com and search for Rabbit Ears. Or, call 888-892-3484.

To purchase one of our hardcover editions, please visit ABDO publishing at www.abdopub.com. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the “Spotlight” logo. You will be brought to a page that says “Popular Fiction in Quality Library Editions”! From there please click on the word “Classics” with the illustration of “Johnny Appleseed” displayed underneath it. A new page will appear. Click on the hyperlink titled “Rabbit Ears A Classic Tale”. Choose the title(s) you wish to purchase and input the quantity in the box titled “Quantity”. Then click on the button that says “Add to Shopping Cart” and click on the button that says “Check out”.

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